Network Management Architecture

Figure 3-25 illustrates a generic network management architecture.

Figure 3-25 Network Management Architecture

Figure 3-25 Network Management Architecture

Network Management Platform(s)

The network management architecture consists of the following:

■ Network management system (NMS): A system that executes applications that monitor and control managed devices. NMSs provide the bulk of the processing and memory resources that are required for network management.

■ Network management protocol: A protocol that facilitates the exchange of management information between the NMS and managed devices, including SNMP, MIB, and RMON.

■ Managed devices: A device (such as a router) managed by an NMS.

■ Management agents: Software, on managed devices, that collects and stores management information, including SNMP agents and RMON agents.

■ Management information: Data that is of interest to a device's management, usually stored in MIBs.

A variety of network management applications can be used on a network management system; the choice depends on the network platform (such as the hardware or operating system). The management information resides on network devices; management agents that reside on the device collect and store data in a standardized data definition structure known as the MIB.

The network management application uses SNMP or other network management protocols to retrieve the data that the management agents collect. The retrieved data is typically processed and prepared for display with a GUI, which allows the operator to use a graphical representation of the network to control managed devices and program the network management application.

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