Guidelines for Creating an Enterprise Network

When creating an Enterprise network, divide the network into appropriate areas, where the Enterprise Campus includes all devices and connections within the main Campus location; the Enterprise Edge covers all communications with remote locations and the Internet from the perspective of the Enterprise Campus; and the remote modules include the remote branches, teleworkers, and the remote data center. Define clear boundaries between each of the areas.

NOTE Depending on the network, an enterprise can have multiple campus locations. A location that might be a remote branch from the perspective of a central campus location might locally use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

Figure 3-10 shows an example of dividing a network into an Enterprise Campus area, an Enterprise Edge area, and some remote areas.

Figure 3-10 Sample Network Divided into Functional Areas

Figure 3-10 Sample Network Divided into Functional Areas

The following sections provide additional details about each of the functional areas and their modules.

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