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About the Technical Reviewers

Bradley Mitchell is a freelance writer covering technology topics, specializing in computer networking. Online, he has produced the Wireless Networking site since 2000. He also is a senior engineer at Intel Corporation. Over the past 14 years at Intel he has served in various capacities for research and development of software and network systems. He obtained a master's degree in computer science from the University of Illinois and a bachelor's degree from MIT.

Table 22 Tacacs Accounting AV Pairs[2

If the fax session aborts, it indicates the system component that signaled the abort. Examples of system components that could trigger an abort are Fax Application Process (FAP), TIFF (the TIFF reader or the TIFF writer), fax-mail client, fax-mail server, Enhanced Simple Mail Transport (ESMTP) client, or ESMTP server.

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Networks

This idea extends to the Internet as a whole. If I am a malicious virus writer, am I going to target less than 5 percent of the Internet's hosts by targeting Macintosh computers or am I going to try for the greater than 90 percent of the hosts running some variation of Microsoft Windows The answer is obvious.

Script Kiddies

Script kiddies are individuals who use prewritten, downloadable software in an attempt to gain access and rights to unauthorized systems. These scripts are readily available on the Internet and come in various types and serve several purposes, such as monitoring and obtaining access to wired and wireless networks, gaining access to remote systems, and remotely corrupting and rebooting remote systems. The individuals who must rely on prefabricated software are often not mature programmers capable of writing their own new exploits and are branded as kiddies. Although these individuals rely on common attack software, they do not represent a minor threat. Because script kiddies drastically outnumber the capable exploit writers, they are a real threat. Therefore, it is important that systems are appropriately secured to ensure that they are not exploitable by the common and unending thwart of attacks used by script kiddies. CSA can provide protection against script kiddies and the methods...

What Are the Motives

A less-driven, but still dangerous motive is the simple desire to cause mischief and wreak havoc on an environment. Mischief covers everything from bored teenagers looking to do something they consider exciting and interesting, to the disgruntled ex-employee who is just looking to cause trouble for his former employer. One of the most difficult aspects of attackers motivated by mischief is that often the attacks they engage in have logical reason, especially if the attacker falls into the category of the bored person just looking for something interesting to do. Many times, their attempts at what they consider mundane and harmless activities can inadvertently cause significant problems or outages. Many virus writers fall into this category, not realizing just how much damage their innocuous virus can cause if someone is able to modify it slightly.

Targeted Espionage

As you might expect, target espionage attackers are not common script kiddies. Instead, they are the elite code writers and true hackers whose out-of-the-box thought process is often many years ahead of the security mechanisms that are meant to keep them out. Regardless of the advanced thought processes and mechanisms used by this type of individual, one thing remains constant. Certain operating system and application functions should behave only in well defined ways and any deviation can trigger the CSA to defend the system and prevent access.

The SPF Algorithm

It is unfortunate that Dijkstra's algorithm is so commonly referred to in the routing world as the shortest path first algorithm. After all, the objective of every routing protocol is to calculate shortest paths. It is also unfortunate that Dijkstra's algorithm is often made to appear more esoteric than it really is many writers just can't resist putting it in set theory notation. The clearest description of the algorithm comes E. W. Dijkstra's original paper. Here it is in his own words, followed by a translation for the link state routing protocol


This is not to say that our other reviewers along the way have not been great. They have. But Bradley catches errors that no one else catches (writers, reviewers, publishing team). He is constantly making sure that we have our audience in mind and advises us to rewrite sections when have gone off the deep end. And when we refer to a 128-digit number (and then feel compelled to give an example of one), Bradley actually counts the digits, lets us know that we left off two 0s at the beginning, and then reminds us that you probably don't care about seeing the actual number anyway.


Almost all computer viruses and Trojan horses written today contain a backdoor, which allows someone else to control your PC. An infected PC announces itself to an external server, telling the virus writer that it's now available. The virus writer can use those PCs to start his own attacks or, more commonly, charge money to give someone else access to those PCs. (Currently mid-2007 , the going rate for 1000 zombies is about 100.) Clearly, virus writers now have good reason to attempt to infect and gain control of your PC they can make serious money.

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