Do I Know This Already Quiz

The "Do I Know This Already?" quiz helps you determine your level of knowledge of this chapter's topics before you begin. Table 11-1 details the major topics discussed in this chapter and their corresponding quiz questions.

Table 11-1 "Do I Know This Already?" Section-to-Question Mapping

Foundation Topics Section


Understanding the Different LWAPP Modes


How an LWAPP AP Discovers a Controller


How an LWAPP AP Chooses a Controller and Joins It


How an LWAPP AP Receives Its Configuration


Redundancy for APs and Controllers


The AP Is Joined, Now What?


1. What two modes can LWAPP operate in? (Choose two.) a. Layer 2 LWAPP mode b. Joint LWAPP mode c. Autonomous LWAPP mode d. Layer 3 LWAPP mode

2. When LWAPP communication between the access point and the wireless LAN controller happens in native, Layer 2 Ethernet frames, what is this known as?

a. EtherWAPP

b. Hybrid mode c. Native mode LWAPP

d. Layer 2 LWAPP mode

3. What is the only requirement for Layer 3 LWAPP mode?

a. IP connectivity must be established between the access points and the WLC.

b. You must know the IP addressing on the AP.

c. Client devices must be in the same VLAN.

d. Each device in the Layer 3 domain must be on the same subnet.

4. Which state is not a valid state of an AP that is discovering and joining a controller?

a. Discover

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