Wireless LAN Solution Engine Client Association Tracking Reports

Client Reports per AP

• Client Association Report (Current)

Client Reports per Group

• Number of associations (Historical)

Client Reports per client:

• Client Detail (Current)

• Client Statistics Report (Current)

• Client Association (Historical)

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■ Accelerate client troubleshooting

■ Capacity planning

■ Resource utilization analysis

Current Client association report:

■ client name, IP address, MAC, name of AP/bridge currently associated with, type of wireless device, state (authenticated/associated state)

■ Note: association is assumed to be stable (I.e. flipping associations is taken as an error rather than association)

Group Historical Associations Report:

■ AP Name (in the group), AP IP Address, Number of associations

Current Client Detail Report

■ Name, IP Address, Classification, AP associated with, client authentication/association state, time last seen, software version, MAC address

Current Client Statistics Report

■ Name, IP address, time last seen, packets transmitted, octets transmitted, last received signal strength, latest signal quality, sleep time in power save mode, preferred transmission rate, short retries, latest short retries, long retries, received WEP errors, errors in transmitted packets, errors in received packets, announcements sent

Client Association Report (Historical):

■ Client type, AP associated with client IP address, software version, time

Future Enhancements:

■ Integrated Cisco client firmware management

■ Better client problem diagnosis:

— Traps like authentication, de-authentication, auth. fail, disassociation, etc. We are making an effort to observe the sequence of some of these traps so we can pre-define some client faults (still under investigation)

— Polled data (phase II): 802.11 specific values for forwarding tables on an AP/bridge track the state of the client. There are some of these states that won't send a trap so this helps give some advanced diagnosis of client association problems.

■ Client Error Report:

— Client name, IP address, MAC, current state and link to AP report

— Name of AP/bridge trying to associate with

— Error start time

— Duration of error

■ Export to CiscoWorks User Tracking (under investigation)

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