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Cisco Secure A CS.

Cisco Secure A CS.

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AWLF v3.1

Step 1 To adjust the timeout value for the client session (requiring re-authentication and new WEP key derivation), click the Group Setup button form the ACS main screen. This will launch the Group Setup screen.

© 2003, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights re


Step 2 From the Group Setup screen, choose a group (usually the default group) and click the Edit Settings button.


Step 3 Scroll down through the setup menu and find the [027] Session Timeout entry.

Enter the timeout value in seconds. The timeout value will depend upon the number of users typically attached to the access point, as well as the amount of traffic the clients will typically be sending. The larger the number of users, or the more traffic the users are sending, the smaller the value needs to be to insure that the WLAN is protected. By setting smaller values it is possible to prevent a hacker from being able to capture enough packets to hack a WEP key.

Recommended values:

■ Using WEP only with 802.1X, key rotation time: 15 minutes

■ Using WEP and TKIP with 802.1X key rotation time: 240 minutes

Note These values apply to both session keys and broadcast key.

For help in determining the best session key timeout value, consult Cisco Product Bulletin 1515: Cisco Wireless LAN Security Bulletin. This can be found at: Step 4 When finished click the Submit+Restart button.

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