If a bit was received that was a 01111011011, when compared to a 1, there would be two bits different. Comparing it to a 0, there would be 9 bits different. Therefore, that received bit should represent a 1. More than 5 data bits would have to be inverted to change the value, which translates to over half of the signal lost before the original message cannot be reconstructed.

2.4 GHz Channel Sets

Different countries have different regulatory bodies and may have as many as 14 channel sets available. In some countries, this may mean that the number of non-overlapping channels is reduced to one, and an aggregate data rate of 33 Mbps may not be possible.

The following list the countries that belong to each regulatory domain. Regulatory Domain information is subject to change weekly. An up-to-date listing of the countries that correspond to theses Regulatory Domains is available at: http://www.cisco. com/go/aironet/compliance.

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