AP Radio Internal 24 GHz

■ Service Set ID (SSID): A unique identifier that stations must use to be able to communicate with an access point. The SSID can be any alphanumeric entry up to a maximum of 32 characters.

■ Role in Radio Network: Specifies what role the device will play in the WLAN. Settings available will be dependent upon whether the device is an access point or bridge.

■ Optimize Radio Network For: This field offers three choices for optimizing the performance of the network. Selecting either throughput or range will maximize either data volume or operating range with a possible trade off of the opposing parameter. Clicking on the Custom link will take you to the access point Radio Hardware page that offers a range of specific parameter settings.

■ Ensure Compatibility: IEEE 802.11 is the industry wireless networking standard. If your network contains Cisco Aironet 2 Mbps stations, choose 2Mb/sec Clients to ensure operating compatibility. Choose non-Cisco 802.11 if there are non-Cisco devices (which are be 802.11 compliant) in the network.

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