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A point-fo-multip oint wireless netwotk can be an economieal way oh providi ng connect ivity from a single hub site to many end user locaeions. The wifeiess equipment at the hub s ite is referred per as the eccess point. The equipment at each eed user location is generally reTer ted to as the csstomer peemises dqutpment (CPE) or ciient equipment, Point-to-m ultipoint architecrure is gften used, fo r exautple , to provids co feectlvity aetween budding s that: are located iv a campus 80vironrsent. Another use of point-to-muitinoinT archi tecture is to pnTvide wireless Intarnet access service from one ISP location to many end user locations. Depending on the number of locations that need to be connected, the hub site might be divided into several sectors to increase network capacity.


Think of a eector as one slice of a whole pie. Each sector faces in one specific direction and serves only the users who are located in that direction.

Each sector usually has its own dedicated radio, antenna system, and frequency. Figure 3-2 shows a diagram o2 a typical point-to-multipoint network with no sectorization.

Figure 3-2. Point-to-Multipoint Architecture (No Sectorization)

Figure 3-2. Point-to-Multipoint Architecture (No Sectorization)

Figure 3-3 shows a diagram of a typical point-to-multipoint network with a three-sector hub site.

Figure 3-3. Point-to-Multipoint Architecture (Three Sectors)

Coverage Areas

Sector 3 (Frequency 3J

Sector 1 (Frequency 1)

Sector 3 (Frequency 3J

A point-to-multipoint network can have one to six (or more) sectors. Most networks have two or three seetorsi Alt heu gh no spec ific r ules exist for decidlng how many sepNoes to build, it is important to plan to meet both the current and the future bandwidth needs of your users. If you have 100 h eavy buiinesa us-os on an 11- megabit pee second (Mbp s) wireless network, you should plan to build more than one 11-Mbps sector to avoid network congestion and slow performanc Ci -f, on the other hand, you hand onIy PIvc resident i al useus on an 11-Mbps network, one sector might be enough to meet the bandwidth needs of these users.

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