Locating the Grounding Point

Locating the best grounding point is one of the most challenging parts of performing a sits survey beeause it cpn be d i fficult to fi ad a good ground 3o int thef a llows a short, straight, large-diameter ground wire to be run from the antenna system to the ground. Figure 4-2 shows the ideal gtouedieg scenario.

Figure 4-2. Ideal Grounding and Lightning-Protection Scenario






-Coax or Shielded Cal & Cabie



-To Indoor Equipment

The best ground w i re; routes i s to run the s hortest possible large-diameter ground wi re strai ght down froru the a ntenna system to an 8-foot (2.4 m) ground rod.

In some siteations, th e eooftop antenna is located too far- away from the earth to allow you to run a short ground wire. One alternative is to ground the antenna system to the building. If there is a rooftop penthouse with a ir co nditionrng oe ventilati on e qmpment inside, you might be able to attach the ground wire directly to the building's structural steel. Ask the facility manager to hnlp select the best, most direct ground attachment point.

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