SCCP Management Functions

SCCP management functions maintain the transfer of SCCP messages during failure conditions, including network and subsystem failures. SCCP management processes alert SCCP users, such as TCAP or ISUP, during these failure conditions. SCCP management has interfaces to MTP, SCCP connectionless control, and the subsystems (SCCP users). SCCP management uses the unit data connectionless message format.

The SCCP management function is divided into three groups:

• Signaling Point Status—Relies on MTP services. MTP pause, resume, and status information is sent to the SCCP management process.

• Subsystem Status—Each subsystem provides information directly to the SCCP management process. This enables SCCP management to maintain the status of each subsystem.

• Traffic Management—Consists of rerouting messages from one subsystem to another duplicate subsystem. This ensures that services are not lost when one subsystem fails.

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