Reliable User Data Protocol

Reliable User Data Protocol (RUDP) builds in some reliability to the connectionless UDP protocol. RUDP enables reliability without the need for a connection-based protocol such as TCP. The basic method of RUDP is to send multiples of the same packet and enable the receiving station to discard the unnecessary or redundant packets. This mechanism makes it more probable that one of the packets will make the journey from sender to receiver.

This also is known as forward error correction(FEC). Few implementations of FEC exist due to bandwidth considerations (a doubling or tripling of the amount of bandwidth used). Customers that have almost unlimited bandwidth, however, consider FEC a worthwhile mechanism to enhance reliability and voice quality.

Cisco currently utilizes RUDP in its SC2200 product, which enables Signaling System 7 (SS7) to Q.931 over IP conversion. The Q.931 over IP is transmitted over RUDP.

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