Purpose of This Book

What is VoIP and in what ways does it apply to you? VoIP provides the capability to break up your voice into small pieces (known as samples) and place them in an IP packet. Voice and data networking are complex technologies. This book explains how telephony infrastructure is built and works today, major concepts concerning voice and data networking, transmission of voice over data, and IP signaling protocols used to interwork with current telephony systems. It also answers the following key questions:

• How is voice signaled in telephone networks today?

• What are the various IP signaling protocols, and which one is best for which types of networks?

• What is quality of service (QoS), and how does one ensure good voice quality in a network?

In addition to covering these concepts, this book also explains the basics of VoIP so that a network administrator, software engineer, or someone simply interested in the technology has the foundation of information needed to understand VoIP networks.

This book is meant to accomplish the following goals:

• Provide an introduction to the basics of enterprise and public telephony networking

• Introduce IP networking concepts

• Provide a solid explanation of how voice is transported over IP networks

• Cover the various caveats of converging voice and data networks

• Provide detailed reference information on various Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and IP signaling protocols

Although this book contains plenty of technical information and suggestions for ways you can build a VoIP network, it is not a design and implementation guide in that it doesn't really give you comparisons between actual voice gateways throughout the industry.

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