Component Portion of TCAP

The component portion of TCAP can include a request to perform an 800 query. The component information is the communication between peer ASEs and contains either the request operation or the results of an operation. Components specific to TCAP include:

• Invoke—Used to request a specific operation. Begin messages always include at least one Invoke. The Continue and End messages also can include Invokes.

• Return Result (Last)—Used to return the results of the Invoke operation. This message signifies the successful completion and last component of the response.

• Return Result (Not Last)—Used to return a portion of the result requested by the Invoke operation.

• Return Error—Indicates that a requested operation failed. The Return Error component also is the final response to the Invoke operation.

• Reject—Indicates that the received component was deemed incorrect. The Reject component also is the final response to the Received component.

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