CLASS Features

CLASS is a popular suite of features available to subscribers. CLASS features provide subscribers with a powerful and convenient tool to control incoming and outgoing calls. Telecordia, formerly known as Bell Communications Research (Bellcore), defined the CLASS standard, which added to the custom calling feature foundation. With CLASS, users interact with the switch software from their own telephone sets and give instructions on which services they want. SS7 messages and functions are then invoked and sent within the network to perform the requested operations.

The following list describes some common CLASS features:

• Customer-originated trace—Enables the subscriber to dial a code after he or she receives a harassing call, which notifies the local law enforcement agency.

• Automatic callback—Used when the subscriber receives a busy signal. This feature notifies the subscriber when the called party line is free by placing the call.

• Automatic recall—Enables the subscriber to easily return a missed call.

• Display features—Requires a display telephone to display the calling name and calling number.

• Calling number blocking—Enables the called party to hide his or her identity when dialing subscribers who have CLASS display capabilities.

• Call screening—Enables subscribers to accept, reject, or forward calls based on a list of received calling numbers.

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