Centrex Services

Centrex enables SPs to offer smaller businesses voice and data services similar to those found in larger and more costly private solutions. Centrex services can be delivered by public switching infrastructure and do not require costly customer premise equipment.

The Centrex software loaded in the switch can create a virtual private business network. Centrex services are comparable to on-premise systems and provide call handling, distribution, accounting, and data networking between sites. You can access Centrex services in the following ways:

• POTS—You can designate and use these lines as Centrex lines.

• Feature lines—Equipped with fully featured telephones, these lines can provide additional features and functionality over standard POTS lines, ISDN circuits, or Switched 56/65 circuits.

Centrex offers many features to subscribers. The following list explains some of Centrex's services and capabilities:

• Call handling—Includes call waiting, call forwarding, call park, hunt grouping, and voice mail

• Convenience features—Include automatic dial, speed dialing, ring again, and calling line identification (caller-ID)

• Custom dialing plans—Provide customized plans for each customer group and enable abbreviated dialing for internally placed calls

• Management—Can track and control various aspects of a business' service

• Security—Includes line restrictions, employee authorization codes, virtual access to private networks, and detailed call records to track unusual activity

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