Audit Endpoint

The call agent can use the AuditEndpoint command to determine the status of an endpoint. This request contains an Endpoint ID parameter identifying the endpoint being audited and a Requested Information parameter containing the following subparameters:

• Endpoint List—Identifies the endpoint being audited. You can use the all of wildcard to indicate all endpoints matching the wildcard.

• Notified Entity—Currently notified entity for active notification requests.

• Requested Events—List of currently requested events.

• Digit Map—Currently used by endpoint.

• Signal Requests—List of signal requests applied to endpoint.

• Request Identifier—The last received notification request.

• Connection Identifiers—List of the current connections existing for the specified endpoint.

• Detect Events—List of events currently being detected in quarantine mode.

• Local Connection Options—List of all current values, such as codec and packetization period. You also can use this command to request the current event packages supported on the specified endpoint.

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