Even though this book is written for anyone seeking to understand how to use IP to transport voice, its target audience comprises voice and networking experts. In the past, voice and data gurus did not have to know each other's jobs. In this world of time-division multiplexing (TDM) and packet convergence, however, it is important to understand how these technologies work. This book explains the details so that voice experts can begin to understand data networking, and vice versa.

This writing style generates yet another audience: Those who have limited data and voice networking knowledge but are technically savvy will be able to understand the basics of both voice and data networking along with how the two converge.

Despite its discussions of voice and data networking, this book is really about VoIP, and the protocols that affect VoIP are explained in great detail. This makes this book a reference guide for those designing, building, deploying, or even writing software for VoIP networks.

Readers familiar with IP networking might want to skip Chapter 7, "IP Tutorial." Similarly, voice-networking experts might want to skip Chapter 3, "Basic Telephony Signaling."

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