Advanced Features

Providing advanced features is also an important differentiation between ET and PSTN. Business requirements for telephone networks are much greater than the average home user. Enterprise customers have the need for high-use, feature-rich systems that enable applications such as the following:

• Inbound and outbound call centers—ET networks with this feature usually contain a CTI link that enables new applications—for instance, a screen pops up on the representative's computer screen that gives the representative the caller-ID information, as well as other information about that caller (buying habits, shipping address, and so on).

• Financial Enterprise Telephony—ET networks with this feature often include a network known as hoot-n-holler, in which one person speaks and many people listen. This is common in stock brokerage.

ET customers can use the PSTN to service basic PBX needs, but the PSTN does not have advanced applications such as call centers. Also, using PSTN is usually more costly than using ET, and the PSTN might not have all the necessary functionality that the enterprise customer needs.

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