Acmes Current Voice and Data Network

Taking a deeper look into Acme, you need to understand its current network. Acme's headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. Acme has several remote sales and development offices across the United States, as well as in Tokyo and London, where its two largest offices are located. The remaining offices in the U.S. concentrate mainly on sales. Two of Acme's main goals were to cut costs while preparing to deploy a more cost-effective voice network, and to increase bandwidth between sites.

Acme has two intercontinental T1 circuits connected to both London and Tokyo. Multiplexers are used on these circuits to separate 12 channels of each T1 to voice and 12 channels of each T1 to data. The U.S. sites run across a Frame Relay network. The Atlanta site houses a small sales office where from two to five people work at any given time. The Raleigh and San Diego sites have slightly larger regional offices employing both sales people and development staff. Atlanta has a committed information rate (CIR) of 0 and can burst up to 56 K. Raleigh and San Diego both have a 64 K CIR and can burst up to 128 K.

The IS department conducted a study and determined that both data and voice bandwidth needs were growing. The IS department decided to research methods for compressing voice and taking advantage of unused time-division multiplexing (TDM) bandwidth currently utilized by the multiplexing configuration.

The IS department also conducted a study to determine calling patterns. It found that most long-distance calls from all sites are clustered around the various regions in which the corporation has branches.

Acme asked itself several questions to determine whether a combined voice and data network would provide the expected savings.

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