Every call the VSC handles produces call detail information. The amount of detail generated is comprehensive; each CDR contains the following information:

• Called and calling number

• Answer time, disconnect time, and call completion codes

• Route information, originating trunk group and member, and terminating trunk group and member

• ISUP information

• ISDN service information and extensions

• Account codes and pins

Along with this information, more than 80 additional elements are available for custom CDR configuration in flexible user-defined formats. If a data or usage element is not available, the TransPath Message Definition Language (MDL) can generate separate fields in a special array marked "custom" for future CDR requirements. These arrays are set to both ITU and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.

Call detail records are written to a spool file which is automatically closed at customer-definable intervals, or when the file exceeds a specified size. You can retrieve closed files or send them to downstream processing systems, such as Automatic Messaging Accounting (AMA) formatting or billing mediation devices, as needed. Customers also can generate mid-call CDR information that logs data from up to eight event points in a call.

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