VCO Voice Carry Over

As its name implies, VCO is a text telephone option that allows a party to speak his responses while reading information that is directed to him. The CA in a VCO scenario acts as the "ears" for the disabled person and translates the voice directed to that person into text. Figure 3-8 demonstrates VCO with a CA.

Figure 3-8 Text Telephone Call Using VCO

Figure 3-8 Text Telephone Call Using VCO

VCO User

Some text devices have built-in VCO features that allow the user to pick up the handset to speak while still being able to read messages. Other text devices may not even include a keyboard and be dedicated VCO devices. There is only a screen for reading and a handset for speaking.

Text devices without VCO support must use a more complicated procedure for implementing VCO functionality. The text user must return the handset to the acoustic coupler to type responses and then pick it up again to listen to the other party.

As with HCO, VCO can also be implemented between two text telephones without a TRS. Although built-in HCO/VCO features are nice, the only requirements for HCO/VCO functionality are acoustically coupled text devices or those with attached handsets.

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