Third Party Test Tools

Third-party tools are available that can capture the PCM directly from voice ports. One of the more commonly used tools is the T1/E1 Call Capture and Analysis Software that comes on test sets from GL Communications. You can find more information about this software at the GL Communications website,

In most cases, the GL Communications unit is bridged into the T1/E1 link that is connected directly onto the voice gateway. PCM traces can be made automatically whenever a call is detected, and multiple PCM traces can be captured simultaneously. This ability can be helpful for intermittent problems or for cases where you are unable to determine ahead of time the timeslot that will be used for the fax/modem call that needs to be captured.

Any third-party test tools that are used for capturing PCM traces will have their own instructions and manuals for setting up the test tool correctly. Refer to these instructions and manuals when capturing the PCM trace to ensure that a quality capture file is obtained.

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