The configuration of T.37 store-and-forward faxing can be easily divided into the two configuration subsections of onramp and offramp faxing. You configure onramp faxing to handle the conversion of normal G3 fax calls to e-mails, whereas offramp faxing reverses the onramp process and converts fax e-mails into normal telephony fax calls.

Even though they differ in functionality and commands, the configuration process for onramp and offramp faxing is still similar. In both cases, T.37 needs to be enabled on the gateway, and certain TCL scripts need to be downloaded and made available to both onramp and offramp gateways. Then, for each, you must configure the appropriate dial-peer level and global T.37 configuration commands followed by onramp- or offramp-specific MTA commands.

Tables are shown throughout this chapter to help in looking up detailed information on any T.37 onramp or offramp configuration command. Furthermore, at the end of both the onramp and offramp sections, a working sample configuration is shown with comments explaining the function of the important T.37 commands.


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