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Richard Collette is a senior project manager for Sagem-Interstar, where his primary focus is the development and troubleshooting of Voice over IP applications. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from l'École Polytechnique de Montréal. Richard has been involved in the design and development of fax applications for more than 15 years.

John Combs is manager of Accessibility/Safety/Telecom for the Cisco Compliance & Certification department. He is responsible for ensuring that Cisco products meet all applicable accessibility, safety, and telecom government regulatory requirements in all the countries where Cisco products are sold. He started the first Cisco accessibility program and test lab in 1999, and is a technical expert on analog and digital telephony, and Telephone Devices for the Deaf (TDD/TTY). John has been at Cisco for 10 years and has worked in the field of regulatory compliance testing for 25 years.

Bryan Deaver is an escalation engineer in the Technical Assistance Center in San Jose, California. He has worked in various technologies and positions in the TAC since joining Cisco in 1993. He primarily focuses on Cisco VoIP products and also has experience in WAN and access technologies. He is a double CCIE in Routing and Voice and works on some of the most complex field issues. Steve Ganem is the former vice president of World Wide Customer Service for Brooktrout Technology where he was responsible for providing support and training worldwide to customers developing, installing, and maintaining Brooktrout based applications. Steve spent 18 years with Brooktrout (later Cantata and Dialogic) and was heavily involved with Brooktrout's fax products since their introduction in 1990. Steve previously worked in product development at Motorola where he developed telephony circuit boards and embedded software for Motorola communications devices. Steve holds a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from Northeastern University. Steve currently provides consulting services to technology companies in the Boston area who are looking to improve their customer support and sustaining engineering teams.

Paul Giralt, CCIE Voice, CCIE Routing and Switching No. 4973, is a customer support engineer in the Cisco Voice Technology Group (VTG) and has been with Cisco for 10 years. He assists in designs, troubleshoots problems, and does testing for VTG's most strategic customers. Paul provides feedback to the development teams on feature requirements and participates in feature design meetings to help ensure features are designed to work in real-world customer environments. He also assists in alpha and early field trials of VTG products with the goal of finding and resolving issues in a real-world environment before the products get into customer hands.

Dr. Judy Harkins is a professor in Gallaudet University's Department of Communication Studies. She is the founding director of the Technology Access Program, and has directed approximately 15 sponsored projects on access to communications and educational applications of technology. She is a principal investigator on two Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERC)—one on Telecommunications Access in cooperation with the Trace Center, University of Wisconsin, and one on Hearing Enhancement, in cooperation with the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology at Gallaudet. These centers are funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Dr. Harkins also teaches coursework on communication accessibility to Gallaudet undergraduates. Paul E. Jones has been involved in research and development of protocols and system architectures in the area of multimedia communications, including voice, video, and data conferencing over IP networks, since 1996. In addition to architecture and software development activities within the Cisco Voice Technology Group, he has actively participated in a number of standards and industry organizations, including the ITU, TIA, IETF, ETSI, and the IMTC. Most notably, he served as editor of ITU-T Recommendation H.323 and more recently as Rapporteur for the H.323 experts group. He is also an active participant in accessibility-related work in the ITU and TIA, with a particular emphasis on technology needed for the deaf and hard of hearing. He is presently engaged in the study of an advanced multimedia system within the ITU-T, which is envisaged to enable users to use a multiplicity of devices and networks in parallel to realize richer multimedia communication capabilities. Aaron Leonard is a customer support engineer in Cisco TAC's Core Infrastructure escalation team. He's been with Cisco for 12 years, providing last-line technical support for TCP/IP stacks, modems, and now 802.11. In his 20+ years in the networking field, Aaron has done everything from vampire-tapping a transceiver into a 10BASE5 cable to chasing down audio glitches heard on WiFi phones in a pet supplies store.

Matthew Miller, product manager at Sagem-Interstar, is responsible for the entire XMediusFAX product line life cycle, from strategic planning to tactical activities. He also manages the Technology Partner Program, building and maintaining relationships with key technology vendors and their associated partnership programs. Matthew has worked for Sagem-Interstar for the past six years, held positions in both the Support and Sales Engineering groups, and has extensive knowledge of IP and fax over IP technology. Robert Moran is the fax product line director at Dialogic Corporation. Rob is responsible for the profitability of Dialogic's fax products, including the Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034, SR140, and TruFax product lines. Rob defines the product requirements for engineering, supports the Dialogic sales team, and manages other aspects of his portfolio such as pricing and forecasts to ensure the success of his products. Rob has been a product manager in the telecommunications industry for more than 11 years. Before Dialogic, Rob held several positions with Lucent Technologies.

Thomas Runyan is a customer support engineer for Cisco Customer Assurance Engineering. He is part of a team that evaluates and supports Cisco emerging technologies through field trials, internal lab testing, and critical accounts support. Tom was introduced to facsimile and teletype when he started working at 3M in the 1970s. At that time, 3M was a leader in the facsimile and telecommunications field. Since then, he has spent the majority of his career in the telecommunications field. Over the past 10 years, Tom has held various positions within Cisco, working on emerging technologies, voice, and telecommunications projects.

Anne Smith is a technical writer in the CallManager support group at Cisco. Her expertise lies in comprehending and distilling complex technical information into comprehensive, accurate, and readable documentation.

Michael Whitley, CCIE R&S and Voice No. 3645, recently transitioned into a sales engineering role in Cisco Federal Area, specializing in Unified Communications. In his previous eight years at Cisco, Michael supported Cisco UC products and technologies on the TAC Escalation team. Responsibilities included finding, re-creating, and documenting problems while working escalated customer cases. Michael has been at Cisco for nearly 12 years.

Brett Wiggins, CCIE No. 4998, is a technical marketing engineer for the Cisco Voice Solutions Engineering team in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. This team's main charter is to publish the Unified Communications Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) guides on Cisco.com. He has been focused on Cisco voice solutions in a variety of roles for the majority of his 10 year career at Cisco. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a bachelor of science degree in 1996.

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