Cisco Unity Express

The Unity Express option represents the smallest Unity solution you can add to your network. Unity Express runs from either a flash module or hard drive that can be added to a variety of Cisco router platforms. The flash module version of Unity Express is added as an Advanced Integration Module (AIM) card, which plugs in to the motherboard of the router. The hard drive version of Unity Express installs as a network module. Although the flash Unity Express version does not consume a network slot on the router, you are very limited on storage space for voice mails and automated-attendant recordings or scripts. The network module version offers considerably more storage space.

Rather than integrating directly with Cisco IOS, Unity Express boots and runs as a Linux-based appliance on the router, keeping voice-mail functions completely separated from router functions. In addition, Cisco Unity Express provides limited IVR capabilities to provide an automated attendant (for example, press 1 to transfer to sales, press 2 to transfer to customer service, and so on), and message retrieval via phone, web interface, or e-mail. As an integrated solution, Unity Express is geared around networks up to 100 users.

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