File Enrollment

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You can enroll by creating a file using the Certificate Enrollment form. Once you have created a request file, you can either e-mail it to the CA and receive a certificate back or you can access the CA's Web site and cut and paste the enrollment request in the area that the CA provides.

Yu must choose one of the following file types:

■ Binary encoded—A base-2 PKCS10 file (Public Key Cryptography Standard; for example, an X.509 DER file). You cannot display a binary-encoded file.

■ Base 64 encoded—An ASCII-encoded PKCS10 file that you can display in text format Choose this type when you want to cut and paste the text into the CA Web site.

In the Filename field, enter the full pathname for the file request.

In the New Password field, enter the password that protects this certificate. If your connection entry requires certificate authentication, you must enter this password each time you connect. The password can be up to 32 characters in length.

Clicking Next displays page two of the enrollment request.

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