Backup Server Hardware Client Configuration


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If the Concentrator IPSec backup server option is set for Use Client Configured List, the Hardware Client uses the backup server addresses configured in the Hardware Client. To configure backup servers on a Hardware Client, go to the Configuration>System>Tunneling Protocols>IPSec window. In the backup server window, enter up to ten backup servers listed from high to low priority. If the Concentrator sends a backup server list to the client, Hardware Client adds the down loaded list replacing any entries currently on the backup list.

The PC needs accurate Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) and Domain Name System (DNS) information to navigate through the central site. Typically the WINS and DNS information is sent to the Hardware Client during tunnel establishment. In turn, the Hardware Client passes the WINS and DNS information to the remote PC in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) offer messages. To update the WINS and DNS information, you may have to release and then renew the IP address of the PC. By doing so, the PC contacts the Hardware Client for a new IP address. In the resulting DHCP offer message, the PC receives an IP address, and WINS and DNS information .To enable the WINS and DNS update process, the Hardware Client is configured as a DHCP server and the PC is set to obtain IP address via DHCP.

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