Benefits and Drawbacks of WFQ


• Simple configuration (no need for classification to be configured)

• Guarantees throughput to all flows

• Drops packets of most aggressive flows

• Supported on most platforms

• Supported in most Cisco IOS versions


• Possibility of multiple flows ending up in one queue

• Lack of control over classification

• Supported only on links less than or equal to 2 Mb

• Cannot provide fixed bandwidth guarantees

As good as WFQ is, it does have its drawbacks:

■ Multiple flows can end up in a single queue.

■ WFQ does not allow a network engineer to manually configure classification. Classification and scheduling are determined by the WFQ algorithm.

■ WFQ is supported only on links with a bandwidth less than or equal to 2 Mb.

■ WFQ cannot provide fixed guarantees to traffic flows.

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