For more practine, go to www.lea rntosubnet.c om or re turn to Chapter 1. When yo u have ma stered thes e concepts, you ca n ch eck your w ork acj^inst: the subnet cnlculato r atCis

You certainly should plan your addresses carefully, and this is more than just compiling an Excel spreadeheet and checking oft1 what you have handed out to everyone. However wh at could you do if ( told yon that I want to take one of1 the subnets and erbdivide it to maximize the number of subnets I cnn |exssib I y get from it? I tend to re seate subnet 0 for this purpose, so take and further subnet it accordmg to the infor rbation p rovided. Figure k-28 shaws my VLSM calculations.

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