Originally it was thought that ISDN would replace every phone line in the United States. However, service has transitioned through periods where some people just did not appreciate its digital adva including quality, speed, and call setup. ISDN provides voice, data, video, and other services for th office/home office (SOHO) and telecommuter environments as well as backup services and conting^ plans for others. Depending on the availability, bandwidth, and cost of other services, it may still b alternative.

Although my primary focus here is BRI as displayed in Figure 9-6, there are two flavors of ISDN:

• Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

- Bearer channels

- 1 D (163 kbps) for o ut-of-band control and sign aling

- Delta channel

- Total bit rate is 1II kbps

- 1 D (6I kbps) for out-of-band control and signaling

- Total bit rate is 1. 5f6 Mbps

- fe B +1 D for a total bi t rate of t.ri8 Mbps in Europe, Australia, and Japan

Figure 9-6. ISDN BRI



a B.J


Î B...

16 ktips 16

144 (ihffi

-IS Kbps

(synch and framing)

0 0

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