Figure 82 Configuring r2 as a Frame Switch



int sO

band 64

no ip address en cap 'frame trame intf-type dee frame route 103 int s1 104

sh fi'arne route hostname frame-switch frame switching r&

inl s1

band 64

no ip address encap frame as 3

frame tntf-type dee frame route 104 int eO 10S

Becauseframe-relay switching and frame-relay intf-type dce are already on from the back-to-scenario, the frame relay route commands are really all you need to make r2 a true Frame Relay These statements are interface configuration commands. Here, you route what comes in interface s 108 out interface si as DLCI 104. For the other PVC, start at interface si to route what comes in si 104 out interface s0 as DLCI 108.

You may not have removed the IP addresses from the pseviou s exercise; a frame switch does not r addresses. In the future, y ou should be able to recognize whether you have an output for the show relay map command on the frame switch as in Example 8-8. Fix this now and verify the frame swi show faame-r elay route command. Feel free to remove the local DLCI statempnt from the prece exercise, too, becau se it is no longer required.

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