Figure 61 Shooting Trouble with CatOS and IOS

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Ideally, you should have at least one CatOS-based switch and one IOS-based switch. The CatOS us show, clear syntax, whereas the IOS is more like using the command-line interface (CLI) of a rou three different switches for the scenario so that you get a feel for using HTTP and menus on a 190C 3512XL, and CatOS on a 2900. The 2900 CatOS box has many similarities to th e 4000/5000/6000 Cisco switnhes. Alth ough thp 2900 in my la b ha s been discontinued fo r Several years, it's basically . configurat ion o002, Limited to a Su pen/isou I. By a ll means, if you have access to newer devices (si 6509s), use them instead. My point of using the older ones is to illustrate the fact that you don't ne a lot of mone y on new devices to lear n how to trouble shoot.

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