Figure 57 Ethernet Ii Ip Frame

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1 H !J [LB I LI II LI] iLU&lkNia 1 LH I LI < ¡i!nl


! ZSS Jll m JrS C'BLT I !ÏÏ4 C' 1 3D I kl- JI lltjitiki:-:- ilï» r»?.« ikh^ -i ' JU it ht| .F- .± ■

JitLlJJif -

ll*0ll iPv-LEH

b ûi II P Ui IT 13" 13 rm |r 4 3«; □ 0« £1 ML. D 01 If 173 D 0k it 14S ù Oi :■ lit .

Jim HKHsiaiteifaii ii 0 ïj " a >3* 13 ÏÏ3


Summary Piw-ti

Hata-' Pane

Han Pare

In both Figure 5-6 aed Figure 5-7, you i dentify th e orame tyf)e tbyc lo oking at the 2-byt:e E^e^yne cield in she DLC header. The value of th e EtherType indicate s the next-layinc protocol to hand off to. Look up as in Figure 5-8 or for more EtherTypes. Cavebear also has a fairly comprehensive list of Ethernet vendor codes and multicast addresses (which are discussed in more detail in the "Ethernet Addressing" section later in this chapter).

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