Figure 415 Troubleshooting Novell IP and IPX Issues

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Understanding ¡md 'lYou lifo s hooting Common Novell m* IP and IPX Issues


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If you are still using Novell's IPX in your environment, look up some of the case studies displayed i Other troubleshooting issue s inc lude tim ers. They must match between route rs (dnd serve rs) on a ctherwise routes/serv i ces appear to co me an d po, resulting ia intermittent ccnnections.

Now it is time for the chapter Trouble Tickets. Toe pla n hem is ro give you several things ro do, let mistakes and fix some things on your own, and to introduce other problems that you should have s with as a support person. Shooting trouble with IPX can be as easy as dropping the X, which may i appropriate on the WAN. However, that solute i s nut a vi able oce for the Tronble Tickets. The IPX start where the chapter leavos off for the chen^ server, and roetdr configurations.

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