Figure 24 Cisco TAC

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Hardware, Software, and Technology Support

The Hardware Sepport, Software SSupiport, and Technology Support sections cover routers , switches, and security,. Quickly troubleshoot crashes, memory and CPU issues, find specific error messages, and recover from a lost password all from the Hardware Support pages. The Software Support pa ges offer support for ohe IOS, CisdoWorks, and Call Manage r. Get easy access to the Software Center and popular download utilities.

The CCO Software Center conveniently gives you accsss to products, downloads, utilities, and general information, s uch as revision levels and matop upgrades to the IOS. Get your questions answeeed about lerotocol and fpatcre sets. Leaen more about naming cocyenUions. For example, a filename has three parts, separated by daelses, such as xxxx-yyyy-vow, where

• ww - Format (where it executes from if compressed) om/warp/customer/432/format.html

Earlier I discessed ED, LD, and GD and how I recommend GD for production deployment and the others for new features not available yet in GD. Try out the IOS Upgrade Planner. It has gono from a simple FTP service to deliver a fix to a customer to a wonderfully organized tool for CCO users. The Hardware-Software Compatibility Matrix, the Software Image Naming Conventions, and the Cis co IOS Roadmap all are worthy of your exploration.

Technology Support offers assistance with routing protocol troubleshooting, virtual private networks (VPNs), ACLs, VLANs, IPSec, and so on.

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