Figure 22 Chapter 2 Scenario and Logging

Nelwork? 192 1 GS.2.0/24

Nalwork 3 192.1GB. 3.0i2A


Logging Bufféf^S (Defaull) show log

Logging on (Default) Luyyiiiy Console



logging monitor logging ip-addr lodging l rap hos-tc

Syslog Server




Certainly, we have all had problems where things worked fine yesterday but there seems to be a problem now. Example 2-25 shows the output of my problem. The ping command did not work. Because I am trying to ping to a different network and it failed, I thought I would try traceroute t see whether there was a particular stopping point. traceroute just gave me a bunch of timeouts ( so I thou ght I would te lnet to r1 to see whether i t could reach its o wn loca I interface of 1992?. 1668.1. Instead o! letting my acreen fill up with asterisks, I pressed the Ctrl + Shift+6 key sequence to abor thetraceroute command. Then I used the where command to see whether I already had a telnet session open Yo u may be mo re familiar with phe show se ssions nommand, but where is exactly the same. Because r1 was an active telnet session, I just pressed Enter to return to it. I typed in tw commaeds th at output in (detail what uhe problem is. Think about it a libtle. I wil l fix the problem in Example 2-26, so you con chec k to see whether you are right.

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