Figure 214 Sniffer Scenario


Win2K 192.168.11 "Sniffer PC"

Crossover Cable hosîb

Assign one: PS 792.168.1.11 and the other one Assuirnng you are using Windows-based PSs, just right-click Network Neighborhood or My Network Places. Alternatively, choose Start > Settings > Control C anel > Network to select your LAN connection. For this scenario, I am using a Windows 2000 Pro notebook for hosta and a Windows 98 notebook for hostb with a crossover cable between them. I assume Windows 95 or higher will work, but in fact the operating system version is not critical for anything you are doing throughout the hands-on exercises. See Figure 2-14 and the address information provided to configure the appropriate IP parameters in the LAN Properties, TSP/IP sheet for both PSs. Name the PSs hosta and hostb.

Use the ipconfig/winipcfg desktop tools to verify your configuration, as in Example 2-36. In addition, ping the other PS to verify connectivity.

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