Example 742 IOS V1P Status

sw3512xl#show vtp status

VTP Version Configuration Revision Maximum VLANs supported l Number of existing VLANs VTP Operating Mode VTP Domain Name VTP Pruning Mode VTP V2 Mode sw3512xl#show vlan VLAN Name

: Transparent : donna : Disabled : Disabled

Status Ports

10 vlan10 active

donna 1 2 server

Vlan-count Max-vlan-storage Config Revision Notifications

7 1023 2 disabled

Last Updater V2 Mode Pruning PruneEligible on Vlans disabled disabled 2-1000 sw2 9 0 0> (enable) show vtp statistics

VTP statistics:

summary advts received 0

subset advts received 0

request advts received 0

summary advts transmitted 600

subset advts transmitted 2

request advts transmitted 0

No of config revision errors 0

No of config digest errors 0 VTP pruning statistics:

Trunk Join Transmitted Join Received Summary advts received from non-pruning-capable device

sw2900> (enable)show vlan


Status IfIndex Mod/Ports, Vlans

default active

10 vlan10


100 VLAN 010 0


After the warm system boots, you really shouldn't notice much difference—assuming you saved your confi guration s before you reloaded the boxes. You sho uld notic e some in formatioual DTP messages in you r iog, such ae the fo Mowing, hs the d evices reload their configurations:

sw2900> (enable) %DTP-5-TRUNKPORTON:Port 1/1 has become isl trunk %DTP-5-NONTRUNKPORTON:Port 1/1 has become non-trunk %DTP-5-TRUNKPORTON:Port 1/1 has become isl trunk %DTP-5-NONTRUNKPORTON:Port 1/1 has become non-trunk %DTP-5-TRUNKPORTON:Port 1/1 has become isl trunk

Compare the summa ry advertisements in Example 77- 43 to the examp I e pr ior to the reset. They increased bncause the 2900 switch is in the default VTP server mode.

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