Example 426 Loading Drivers and Binding IPX to the NIC at the Console

LOAD NE2000 NAME=NE2 0 0 0_1_E8 3 FRAME=ETHERNET_8 02.3 INT=A PORT=300 BIND IPX NE2 00 0 1 E83 NET=516


Whether from the command line or inetcfg, these commands prove quite helpful in a Cisco/Novell support environment; after all, incorrect frame types are a common issue between Novell and Cisco devices. Multiple frame types are supported in Novell and Cisco, although not a best practice. On Cisco devices, the preferred method is to configure subinterfaces, but secondary addresses still work too.

That did it. You fixed the beep and can see the following networks, including the tick/hop count wOhdisplay networks at the server console:


Ticks/hops and the network numbers are explained in the section "Internet Layer Protorols, Applications, and Utilities" lateo in this ohapte r.


The Cisco equivalent command to Novell's display networks is show ipx route. Remember that as with other protocols, all routes can be cleared to force convergence withclear ipx ro ute *, but Clearing an mdividual route is pEefenable and therefore not as much o( a career-limiting move (CLM ) in th e practical en yiro nment.

The Novell config console command is great for getting a quick display of the hardware settings, tode address, frame type, board name, and bindi ngs for" hocumenta tion or foo s etti ng up filters. Use it to check your wntk o n t he serveb (see Figure 4-6)n

Çrln| VlMipiiyi .PUB11 C\RC0rt5OLF_CX[

Figure 4-6. Novell Config

Çrln| VlMipiiyi .PUB11 C\RC0rt5OLF_CX[

I le server ham: : GUISE PX intpj-nol niïlijni'k mmJirr: 34«64HEÎ Hnilfl ^dnii: UHaHHHHHHHBJ Pram tvi>*: UIKJL)rt[. l.PIN LAN ¡irulticul: IPX lirtuurk ]4i(<llE£ Server- Up Ti« = 1 Hpmt 11 fUn^t«? 5=""ilï

Novell NE208B

H.irtLu.ii'c setting? I/O porte 308h ta 3i Fh, [ntirrupt fi h Ho rte address: (TO*tfZ?ËBSCblJ Fpiino type: IffHERHKi 8IJ2.3 liuarnl un ne : NE2000_Ï_EB3 LAN ypuiuciil; IPK n«tuork HHHUMSf fc

Ho Me 11 NE?HUH

Hn.rilujii-c IDLtJjia: I/O pbfts 36flli tt> SiFli, 1 uLri-i-upt fill Hochc Addi-v**: LMaHZVl'.ft Tcf.it Fi-nnc t si» : ITMliHNfcT 8HÏ ,3 lÎDAPrt rune : NEÏHUU_1_EB2

He LAK ptttacel: ire hound ta Lhit LAN banjnJ

Novo 11 HK3HMH

ESC te tcrninito or any otlitr kty to ciintliiuiï^


I am recommend in g you uedate your drawing at this point. However, I am assuming that you have realized the importance of documentation and have been doing so all along. I will continue wit hout too m any reminders in this are a.


It is a good |oractice to always specify encap sulation wloen you configure Novell interfaces on Cisco routers. Whether the default or not, this will make you conscious of the cor rect enca ps ulation type. Besides, this is a good item to document.

Next you should comfig ure at least one IpX hoso to prepare for the rest of the chapter. Using the Network Properties sheet, configure hostb for IPX as the default protocol using the Microsoft Client for N etWaee as the primary log on with auto ftame-type detection. Follow these steps for the Windows 98 hostb client. Other Microsoft client configurations are very similar. If you prefer to use the Novell clients, go to Novell's website for specific instructions.

Step 1. Go to Staot > Settingg > Control Pane l and choosu Networ C or just right-click

Network Neigh bo rhoo d to get to Properties .

Spep 2. Add the M icros oft Cl ient for NetWare and select it as the Primary Network Logon.

Step 3. Add the Microsoft protocol IPX/SPX (or NWLink). Enable NetBIOS support in the

Properties sheet and review the other tabs. On the Advanced tab, locate where you adjust the frame type so that you are familiar with it. Also put a check in the box for IPX to be ths default protocol. It is not necessary to run TCP/IP on the client at all for this chapter.

Step 4. Make sure the Novell server is up and running before you reboot the client. Reboot the client and log in with the Administrator account and password for your Novell server.

Step 5. Right-click Network Neighborhood and edit the Microsoft Client for NetWare. Choose the preferred server name for your lab from the drop-down list. For example, mins is gwise.

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