RAI Configuration

RAI on the gateway is configured with high-water- and low-water-mark thresholds, as shown in Figure 8-19. When resource usage rises above the high-water mark, an RAI unavailable indication is sent to the gatekeeper. When resource availability falls below the low-water mark, an RAI available indication is sent to the gatekeeper. To prevent hysteresis based on the arrival or disconnection of a single call, the high- and low-water marks should be configured 10 percentage points apart. (Hysteresis refers to the process of switching a feature on, then off, then on, and so on, over and over again, as would happen if the high- and low-water marks were configured to very similar values.)

To configure RAI, use the following gateway configuration command:

resource threshold [all] [high %-value] [low %-value]

To configure an RAI unavailable resource message to be sent to the gatekeeper at a high-water mark of 90 percent and a RAI available resource message to be sent to the gatekeeper at a low-water mark of 80 percent, enter the following command:

resource threshold high 90 low 80

Figure 8-19 RAIConfiguration


High Water Mark


Low Water Mark

Gateway Sends RAI Unavailable Message to Gatekeeper

Gateway Sends RAI Available Message to Gatekeeper

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