Figure 111 IP Addressing Used in the Sample Network

Figure 11-1 shows the IP addressing used in this sample network. The router IDs (RIDs), which are also the loopback addresses, are in parentheses above or below the routers. For example, 7200a's RID is

The subnet address of each link is of the form 10.0.x.y, and each link has a 24-bit mask. For example, the link between 7200a and 12008a is, the IP address of 7200a's side of the link is (because 7200a's RID is, and 12008a's side of the link has the address (because 12008a's RID is

Most of the troubleshooting scenarios revolve around a single TE tunnel. 7200a is the headend of this tunnel, tunnel1, which is referred to as the primary tunnel. 7200c is the tunnel's tail. The rest of the LSRs shown are potential midpoints for this tunnel.

When there are no failures in the sample network, the primary tunnel path is

72003""^ 12008a- 12008c-—*7200c. This is shown in the highlighted text of Example 11-1.

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