Example 511 ISIS Database After forwardingadjacency Is Configured

RouterB#show isis database detail RouterB.00-00

IS-IS Level-2 LSP RouterB.00-00

LSPID LSP Seq Num LSP Checksum LSP Holdtime

RouterB.00-00 * 0x0000023D 0xEDD2 1122

Area Address: 47.0001.0192 NLPID: 0x81 0xCC

Hostname: RouterB Router ID: IP Address: Metric: 10 IP

Metric: 10 IS-Extended RouterD.00

Metric: 9 IS-Extended RouterE.00

Metric: 10


After this IS-IS LSP is announced, all other routers see the TE tunnel as a regular link. It's not a link that TE tunnels can be signalled across, but it is available for regular IGP traffic. It's important to understand that any router that sees this advertisement has no idea that the forwarding adjacency from Router B to Router E is a forwarding adjacency; all any other router sees is a link of cost 9.

From Router A's perspective, the topology looks like Figure 5-15.

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