Deployment Possibilities

One thing that you haven't seen yet is an example of how MPLS TE can be applied to solve specific problems in a network.

This section covers just that—the application of MPLS TE to solve different types of problems. This section has three main pieces:

• Applications of tactical TE (two examples)

• Using MPLS TE only for protection

• Using MPLS TE for unequal-cost one-hop load balancing

Why is there no example of strategic (full-mesh) TE? It's not that strategic TE isn't useful, and it's certainly not that strategic TE isn't being deployed in the real world. It's that as soon as you have strategic TE, there's not much to it besides maintenance tasks—periodically changing your tunnel layout in accordance with traffic demands. Although this process is not trivial, the choices you can make in this area were covered fairly well in Chapter 9. This section instead covers a few applications of MPLS TE to solve specific problems, rather than the full general solution that strategic TE gives you.

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