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The following list outlines the various topics that you will likely encounter on the exam. The topics represent a detailed list for areas of focus but are not intended as a list of test question topics. Each listed item may have subitems that will be tested on.

Table 1-3 lists the exam topics in the order that they are found within this book.

Table 1-3 CCNP/CCDP Switching Exam Topics

Table 1-3 lists the exam topics in the order that they are found within this book.

Table 1-3 CCNP/CCDP Switching Exam Topics



Chapter 2,

"Campus Network Design Models"

Switching Functionality, Campus Network Models, Hierarchical Network Design, Cisco Products in the Hierarchical Design, and Modular Network Design

Chapter 3, "Basic Switch and Port Configuration"

Desktop Connectivity with Ethernet, Desktop Connectivity with Token Ring, Connecting Switches, Switch Management, and Switch Port Configuration

Chapter 4,

"VLANs and Trunking"

Virtual LANs, VLAN Trunks, VLAN Trunk Configuration, VLAN Trunking Protocol, VTP Configuration, and VTP Pruning

Chapter 5,

"Redundant Switch Links"

Switch Port Aggregation, Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP), STP Configuration, STP Design and Tuning, and STP Convergence Tuning

Chapter 6,

"Trunking with ATM LANE"

ATM, LANE Operation, and LANE Configuration

Chapter 7,

"InterVLAN Routing"

InterVLAN Routing Design and interVLAN Routing Configuration

Chapter 8,

"Multilayer Switching"

Multilayer Switching, Flow Masks, and Multilayer Switching Configuration

Chapter 9, Protocol"

"Overview of Hot Standby Routing

Configuring HSRP Operations, HSRP Router Roles, and HSRP Preempt Status

Chapter 10

, "Multicasts"

Multicast Methods and Characteristics, Multicast and Ethernet Addressing, IGMP, Multicast Technology on Routers and Switches, and Multicast Routing Protocols

Chapter 11

, "Configuring Multicast Networks"

Multicast Planning, Multicast Configuration, Configuring IGMP, and Configuring CGMP

Chapter 12, "Controlling Access in the Campus Environment"

Access Policies, Managing Network Devices, Access Layer Policy, Distribution Layer Policy, and Core Layer Policy

continues continues

Table 1-3 CCNP/CCDP Switching Exam Topics (Continued)

Chapter 13, "Monitoring and Troubleshooting" Monitoring Cisco Switches, Monitoring Commands,

General Troubleshooting Model, Troubleshooting Commands, and Physical Layer Troubleshooting

Chapter 14, "Scenarios for Final Preparation" Case studies involving all areas of switching technology

The exam itself is a computer-based exam with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and list-inorder style questions. The fill-in-the-blank questions must be filled in using the complete syntax for the command, including dashes and the like. For the fill-in-the-blank questions, a tile button is given that can be used to list a large number of commands in alphabetical order. This setup is a real life saver if you can't remember if there is a dash or an "s" at the end of a command. Knowing the syntax is key, though, because the list contains some bogus commands as well as the real ones.

As with most of the Cisco exams, you cannot "mark" and return to a question. This requires that you answer a question before moving along, even if it means guessing at an answer. Remember that a blank answer is incorrect.

The exam can be taken at any Sylvan Prometric testing center (1-800-829-NETS or http://

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