Scenario 82 Answers

1 Example 8-16 shows the correct configuration for Scenario 8-2.

Example 8-16 Scenario 8-2 Configuration

Switch (enable)show config (Text Deleted) #mls set mls enable set mls agingtime 192

set mls agingtime fast 56 12

set mls include

2 There are three VLANs and they are VLAN 1, VLAN 4, and VLAN5.

3 The XTAG for the RP is 28.

4 Because there is an included router, this is the sign that the RP is an external router, rather than an RSM.

5 This is a full flow.

This chapter covers the following topics that you will need to master for the CCNP Switching Exam:

• HSRP Overview—This section outlines an overview of Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP). Also described are the issues and nuances of using HSRP in a switched network using both traditional routers and virtual routers.

• HSRP Operations—This section deals with router interaction in an HSRP standby group.

Configuring HSRP—This sections deals with how to configure HSRP on the various devices that make up the switch block and how to ensure fault tolerant design.

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