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The current BCMSN class follows much of the material covered in the previous Cisco LAN Switching Configuration (CLSC) course. However, BCMSN has been massively reorganized and covers a good deal of additional subject matter. To fill in the gaps and provide a good study experience, here are some strategies to follow:

• Read and study through the Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks textbook from Cisco Press (ISBN 1-57870-093-0). This book closely follows the actual BCMSN course material and will give you a good review of the topics covered in the course.

• Read and study the chapters in this book that were not covered in CLSC. Some chapters to consider are

— Chapter 2, "Campus Network Design Models"

— Chapter 5, "Redundant Switch Links"

— Chapter 6, "Trunking with ATM LANE"

— Chapter 8, "Multilayer Switching"

• Use this book exactly as described in the opening pages of each of Chapters 2 through 13. Each chapter begins with a quiz that helps you assess the basic topics you need to study. The quiz also directs you to the appropriate sections of the chapter to increase your knowledge on specific topics rather than requiring you to read the entire chapter.

• Use Chapter 14, "Scenarios for Final Preparation," as a "last pass" strategy. After reviewing all other material, quizzes, and "Q&A" sections at the end of each chapter, set aside time to go through the scenarios. Don't expect to be able to answer all the scenario questions without having to refer to the chapters though. The scenarios were designed to make you think about a wide variety of topics and to provide some further structure for reviewing the book material.

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