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The CCNP Switching Exam Certification Guide is designed to help you attain CCNP certification by successfully preparing you to pass the Switching Exam. This book is the Switching Exam certification book from the only Cisco-authorized publisher. We at Cisco Press believe that this book certainly can help you prepare for and pass the Switching Exam—but the real work is up to you! We trust that your time will be well spent.

This chapter covers the following topics that you will need to master for the CCNP Switching exam:

• Switching Functionality—This section covers the use of switches in the OSI model's various layers. You will learn about the functions and application of routing and switching in Layers 2, 3, and 4, along with learning the concept of multilayer switching.

• Campus Network Models—This section presents the concept of a campus network, plus descriptions of the traditional campus model and models based on traffic patterns. This section also describes the factors that affect a campus network's design.

• Hierarchical Network Design—This section details a three-layer, hierarchical structure of campus network designs.

• Cisco Products in the Hierarchical Design—This section describes how each of Cisco's switching products fits into the network hierarchy, plus guidelines for selecting the product based on the design requirements.

• Modular Network Design—This section covers the process of designing a campus network, based on breaking it into functional modules. You will also learn how to size and scale the modules in a design.

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