Configuring a Routed Port

Step 1 : Configure IP routing.

Switch(config)#ip routing

Step 2 : Create a routed port.

Switch(config-if)#no switchport

Step 3 : Assign an IP address to the routed port.

Switch(config-if)#ip address ip-address mask

Step 4 : Configure the IP routing protocol if needed.

Switch(config)#router ip_routing_protocol <options>

To configure a routed port, perform these steps.

Steps for Inter-VLAN Routing Configuration



Notes and Comments


Switch(config)#ip routing

Enable IP routing on the router.


Switch(config)#no switchport

Create the SVI interface or navigate to configuration mode for the interface.


Switch(config-if)#ip address n.n.n.n subnet-mask

Assign an IP address to the SVI for the VLAN.


(Optional) Specify an IP routing protocol.

Switch(config)#router ip routing_protocol <options>

This step is necessary for the switch to exchange dynamic routing updates with other routing devices. The routing protocol specified may require additional options. Refer to the documentation for the routing protocol for further details.

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