Wireless Client Access

This chapter provides information and commands concerning the following topics:

• Configuration Example: 4402 WLAN Controller Using the Configuration Wizard—Covers the tasks and command-line interface (CLI) commands to

— Assign a host name to the wireless LAN controller (WLC)

— Enable Telnet access to the WLC

— Enable HTTP access to the WLC

— Save a configuration

— Verify the configuration

• Configuration Example: 4402 WLAN Controller Using the Web Interface— Covers the same tasks as listed above in the CLI, but with the graphical user interface (GUI)

• Configuration Example: Configuring a 3560 Switch to Support WLANs and

APs—Covers how to configure a 3560 switch to support wireless LANs (WLAN) and access points (AP)

• Configuration Example: Configuring a Wireless Client—Covers how to configure a Cisco Aironet wireless client adapter

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